Oreo vs Calvin Klein – Digital Analytics

Analytics… what is the first thing that comes into your mind? Boring, Mind-numbing or dull? Don’t be scared off by the name because digital analytics are both useful and interesting.

As we all know, simply publishing a website isn’t going to cut it, companies need to deliver engaging content that appeals to customers. Digital analytics can provide a world of useful information such as the most frequently visited pages of a website, engagements, clicks and sign up rates. As a result, companies can get an understanding of what customers wants and needs are – the basis of marketing.

So how is this data actually useful? Companies need to go beyond simply having an online presence (because a static website is just as useful as a phonebook), and actually engaging with customers through interesting content and using analytics to monitor how content is received. Analytic services such as Google Analytics, TalkWalker, Mint Analytics and Omniture measure traffic and analyse customer usage and condense all the data into user-friendly graphs and charts.

Source: Timely NZ

Social media is also a really essential area for analytics. A business can have all the followers in the world, but if followers aren’t engaging with content then the use of social media isn’t adding value to the company. After all, this is the entire purpose of marketing from the standpoint of a business!

Oreo use social media in combination with analytics to run a fantastic social media campaign, which encourages engagement and generates conversation. For example the Oreo Daily twist campaign was all about taking events that occurred on a particular date and putting an “Oreo twist” on them. This real time news approach was a massive success for Oreo and generated a 280% increase in Facebook shares and over doubled the amount of average interactions with posts.


Through the use of analytics, Oreo were able to track consumer responses and gauge success leading to an overall success in the campaign. The company are now well recognised for having exciting content and engaging with consumers.

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 5.45.33 PM.png
TalkWalk analytics showing sentiment towards Oreo around the world

On the other hand, Calvin Klein is an example of a company that needs to use analytics to better understand consumers and increase engagement. The company has no interaction with customers and has a very low enjoyment rate to follower ratio. Calvin Klein have demonstrated a lack of interesting content that interacts with customers, which is likely to be why the engagement rate is so low. Analytics can provide information on consumer preferences, times active on social media and likes per gender, all important factors in gaining engagement and gathering exposure.

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 5.26.11 PMScreen Shot 2016-03-27 at 5.26.34 PM.png

So essentially digital analytics for both website platforms and social media are really important. They provide marketers valuable information about when users are most active, what they want to see and when to post. The information can be used to give a more personalised shopping experience and allow a tailored customer experience.



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